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The elderly are being taken advantage of when selling their homes.

This is an area of contention for me. After living in your residence for greater than 40 years, why would you sell it for less than it is worth and give away all of your equity? Well, here are a couple of reasons that I believe are why.

The wholesalers pressure the elderly by continually contacting them. They begin with the phone calls or knocks on the door, and continue with trying to befriend them. It may be true that the senior wants to leave the home, but doesn't know how. The predators try to convince the seniors that they can provide an easy solution, because they will purchase the home as is, and not even require the contents of the home to be removed. The reality is, at Coldwell Banker Realty®, we can provide the same services, as well as fix the property up to get the maximum dollar, not sell it for thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars, less.

As we age, our patience sometimes lessens. This means, the upkeep of the home, with potentially the loss of the significant other they shared the home with, along with the pressure and false information from the wholesaler, may become too much. If the senior doesn't share what is transpiring with someone who can help them, they fall prey to what appears to be an easy out. However, there are other options.

Gaining the knowledge shared by a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES®), will help seniors avoid the pitfalls of those trying to purchase their family homes for bottom dollar and selling them off the very same day for way more. As an SRES®, and an affiliate of Coldwell Banker Realty®, I can help seniors fix it up with nothing up front, remove belongings, help with moving expenses and storage, etc. There are REALTORS® available to help be sure seniors can use the equity in their home that they have spent so many years paying into, instead of giving it away out of frustration.

If you, or someone you know is being poached by one of these predatory buyers, please contact me today so I can help you. I want to see you get the best out of all of the options available to you, not be taken advantage of. The sale of your long-term family residence should be to better your quality of life, not make it harder.

Source: Buyer Beware


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