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Remembering For Black History Month

It is good to remember that Colin Kaepernick was not the first major athlete to protest at a time that some would consider an inappropriate time.

In 1968 Gold and Bronze medalist Tommie Smith and John Carlos, took the stand at the Olympics in black socks, to protest the poverty being suffered in the black community, and wearing beads and scarfs to protest lynchings, and they waited for the singing of the National Anthem to raise a fist which donned one black glove, to signify solidarity. Although they knew there would be significant consequences, since they were not the firsts athletes to protest, they stood against the suffering of black people around the world anyway.

Today we are more concerned with the consequences than we are with the issues, so it is more difficult to find activist who will sacrifice their million dollar contract to raise a fist or take a knee. It makes you wonder if Bobby Womack's song, Someday Will All Be Free, will come during our lifetime. The fight for equality continues.

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