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RealVitalize® Can Help You Sell Your Home Faster!

Home Upgrades Can Help Homes Sell Nearly 40% Faster than Those Without Improvements, Even in This Market!

It has been proven that sellers who list using RealVitalize®, will also sell either at or above list price. The changes do not have to be drastic, with the average cost of RealVitalize® improvements at or below $10,000!

Buyers are drawn to homes that have a fresh look. They want the home that is move in ready, with the appearance of being cared for and prepared for listing. This is how RealVitalize® can help without costing you anything up front. We can also help if you need landscaping to improve the curb appeal, or moving and storage to help declutter, just to name a couple, but there is more!

Why wouldn't you want to have an amazing listing that will outshine the competition! Let us help you get there.

Contact me today for your free home assessment.

Coldwell Banker Realty

(404) 267-7027

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