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Fireworks are fun for everyone except pets!

We all love to gather and celebrate the 4th of July holiday with barbeque, friends

and family, and a good time, ending the night with some good fireworks displays. They won't be hard to find. If you do a search, you can find fireworks displays in multiple locations within a mile of where you live. It is a great time for all, except the pets.

Nearly 1 in 5 pets go missing each year during fireworks. The loud bag and cracking in the sky that we have all come to enjoy, frightens a lot of pets. If your pets are afraid of thunder and fireworks, there are ways to keep your pets from going missing during this season.

Begin by planning ahead. The AKC recommends exercising your pets during the day so they will be tired out in the evening. This will make it easier to keep them inside after dusk. If you are looking for ways to keep your pets safe this 4th of July season or what to do to recover your pet if missing, check out the article from the AKC on pet safety.

The AARP also has a great article on strategies to keep your dog calm. This information may help you to retrain your dog to help them better deal with even thunder.

Whatever you choose, be sure your pet's chip is up to date, that you know when and where fireworks will be held close to you, and you prepare in advance.

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