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Did you know that AARP has virtual classes?

Check it out...I received one of those FB ads asking if I wanted to join this virtual meeting with Sheila Johnson, the amazing founder of BET and CEO of Salamander Hotels. I never click on those links, but decided to give it a try since it says it's from AARP®. Well, sure enough, it was legit and the event was amazing! It is always good to hear the stories of people who have made it through the storm, or as her book says, the fire, and came out on the other side. It sometimes makes your struggles seem normal, or small in comparison.

Anyway, afterwards I actually filled out the AARP® survey, and it lead me back to the page with all of these amazing virtual classes! Look, I knew they offered things online, but I never really noticed how many things are offered. So, I am posting a link to the page so you can see what they have to offer. If you don't have a membership, you may not be able to see it all. But, you can get one so you can. :-)

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